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Q. How much does a storage unit cost?
     Rental cost depends on the size of the storage space and its location.

Q. What modes of payment do you accept?
     We accept cash, cheque, credit card and online banking.

Q. What if I chose the wrong size of storage unit?
     If the size isn't right when you arrive at our facility, we will help you find a suitable alternative.

Q. What are your storage access hours?
     You can access to our facility from 7am-7pm on Monday to Friday, and 8am-5pm on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
     Access outside these hours, however, is available with prior arrangement.

Q. Who will have access to the facility and the storage unit?
     You will be provided with a unique security PIN and access card to access the facility. However you are the only one who can enter your storage unit   
     which is secured with your own padlock under your own control.

Q. What kind of security do you provide?
     We employ electronic measures such as 24X7 CCTV surveillance and building alarms in addition to trained security personnel.

Q. What is the normal storage period?
     The normal storage period is a minimum of two weeks up to a maximum of twelve months with options to extend.

Q. What is the notice period required if i do not intend to extend my storage period?
     Just inform us 14-days in advance.