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3S Insurance Program

Unforeseen events and unexpected financial losses can happen as a result of natural disasters, extreme weather, fire, flood, earthquake or other incidents that are beyond anyone's control. 3S Insurance Program offers you an affordable short-term insurance coverage for goods stored in our self storage facility. Have the peace of mind when your goods are insured. Protect it! Don’t just store it.



Q.  What are the types of coverage under the insurance policy?
      Fire, lightning, storm, flood, earthquake, explosion, aircraft damage, malicious or impact damage and  burglary.

Q.  What is the minimum insurance coverage and the monthly premium?
      For personal and business storage, the minimum insurance coverage is RM1,000.00 and the monthly premium is only RM5.00. For mini
      warehouse, the minimum insurance coverage is RM5,000.00 and the monthly premium is RM25.00. However, it is always prudent to
      insure up to the estimated value of the goods stored at the facility such that in the event of any unforeseen damage or loss,
      you will not suffer financially.

Q.   When does the insurance coverage take effect?
       The insurance coverage takes effect after the 3S Insurance Program Application Form is signed and the premium is paid.

Q.   When does the insurance coverage end?
      The insurance coverage ends when the Storage License Agreement is terminated or when the 3S Insurance Program expires,  
      whichever is earlier.

Q.  What types of goods are eligible for coverage?
      Almost any goods or property a customer stores is eligible for coverage. However, certain items are excluded and are not   
      insurable under the policy. Examples of the exclusions are items such as documents of any kind, tobacco, currency, deeds,
      securities, money, notes, jewellery, watches, precious or semi-precious stones, and motor vehicles.

Q.  If I rent more than one storage unit, do I need to get a separate insurance for the additional unit?
      Yes, one insurance policy is needed for each storage unit. If you are renting two units, you need to purchase two separate insurance 
      policies. That means two 3S Insurance Program Application Forms must be completed.

Q.   How do I file a claim?
      You only have to call our Customer Service at 04-282 3737 for assistance or write to us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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