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Rent a Mail Box

 Are you someone who needs privacy and security for your mail? Then, renting a Mail Box is the right solution for you.


   There are many benefits in having a Mail Box:

  • Your Mail Box is private. We don't disclose to others that you have a Mail Box.
  • There will not be any disruption to your mail service when you relocate
    to a new place.
  • A Mail Box with a street address shows a long term business operation
    plus it provides a professional appearance.
  • Customers or vendors will not show up at your house if you are a business
    owner. They can meet you at our facility.
  • When you are away on a long vacation or business trip, your mail is kept safe     
    and secure in the Mail Box until you are ready to collect it.

 Mail includes letters and parcels. Over sized parcels shall be received and kept safely in the office for your collection.


    What we provide:                            

  •  A street address with your Mail Box to receive mail , e.g:                       

                    Your name / company name                                                       
              5 & 5A Jalan JKR, #<Mail Box Number>
                              11600 Penang

  • A large Mail Box of the size 12"W x 15"D x 7"H.
  • Staff on hand to sign and hold your registered mail, parcels or courier deliveries when they arrive.
  • Mail forwarding service is available for us to forward your mail to any part of the world per your instructions.
  • Mail checking service allows you to call in to check if you have any mail in the Mail Box.
    Or, we can inform you through phone or email if a particular item has arrived in the mail.
  • Our fax number that you will be able to use as your number to receive faxes.

    To get a Mail Box, please write to us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call us at 04-282 3737.

     Book a Mail Box now with a “Golden” number (eg: 111, 118, 222 & 318) at no extra cost! Subject to availability and on a
     first come first serve basis.


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